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[holy Face]
[Sacred Heart]The Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Jan 10, 2013.
[St. Lumena]Saint Lumena, virgin and martyr.
Aug 11, 2010.
[Bl. Mother]Thirty-Six Medjugorje Messages.
[St. Patrick]St. Patrick's Lorica.
Nov 12, 2010
[holy Face]The Academy’s Most Successful Agendum. July 12, 2019
[holy Face]Rediscovering An Anthropic Genius. May 9, 2019 [holy Face]How Many Congressional Republicans Does America Need? Mar. 19, 2019
[holy Face]Bah, Holidays!
Dec. 19, 2018
[holy Face]Cool Hand Trump
Dec. 1, 2018
[holy Face]Memorize the Gloria and Canticle.
Sept. 2018
[holy Face]An Apology for Judge Kavanaugh
Oct. 5, 2018
[holy Face]Cometkaze 2017-03-03
Mar. 7, 2017
[holy Face]On Modernism and Prophecy
Mar. 27, 2017
[holy Face]Russia and China Are Not My First Guesses. Oct 22, 2016 [holy Face]Two More Reasons To Suspect the Democrats of DDoS. Oct 31, 2016
[holy Face]Democratic Elites Not Lifting A FingerTo Help Refugees. Oct 17, 2016 [holy Face]Mike’s Planned ‘Hood Page.
[holy Face]Why the Democrats Resist De-Funding Planned ‘Hood. Sep 4, 2015 [Bezmenov]Beware the New Bolshevik Revolution. Sept 2, 2014
[holy Face]Mike’s Event Clock [rosary]A very defective prohibition.
Oct 7, 2011
[Hamilton]The U.S. Declaration of Independence,
The U.S. Constitution, and
The Bill of Rights
on one page
[pontiffs]Catecheses of Benedict XVI
and Francis.
[holy Face]Conquer from Heaven.
Apr 12, 2010
[Angel]Stop accepting the fallacy.
Dec 30, 2009
[holy Face]Index of html in Archives Folder [holy Face]Comet Encke 2017 Perihelion in the Lasco C3 Field. youtube. 2017
[holy Face]Links to Other Sites
[pdf]On the Ending Digits of n² + n + 1. May 21, 2014 [pdf]Splitting the Bernoulli Numbers. Dec 13, 2013
[holy Face]A Primer On Modulo Arithmetic. Nov 11, 2013 [quads]Twin Prime Quads Family II. Apr 1, 2013
[quads]A Family of Twin Prime Quads. Mar 20, 2013 [pdf]On the Products of Twin Primes. Feb 19, 2013
[pdf]Twin Prime Conjectures 1, 2 and 3. Nov 6, 2012 [quads]Primes Index Page
[holy Face]Index of Bern Folder
Reprints and Transcripts:
[monk]John 1: 1-14.
Webster’s. 1833
[monk]Luke 6 and 1 John 4.
Webster’s. 1833
[Netanyahu]Transcript of PM Netanyahu’s Address to the U.N.  Oct 1, 2013 [holy Face]Transcript of Harris Faulkner's interview with Pastor William Owens. FoxNews. Jan. 15, 2017. With video
For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places. – The Apostle Paul

Symphony No. 9, Scherzo.  L.V. Beethoven

U.S. Marines Hymn.  2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band

In the Mood. Glenn Miller & Orchestra. 1939.
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